Dear St. Raphael School Community,

Annual FundOne hundred years ago, on October 13, 1917, one of the most extraordinary events in all of history happened: nearly 70,000 people saw the sun "dance" as proof of Mary's appearance to three schoolchildren in Fatima, Portugal.

Mary said her name was Our Lady of the Rosary. That is why we dedicate the month of October to praying the rosary here at St. Raphael School. It is also why I sign my weekly letters to you, "In Mary's Love."

It was a miracle – and it is important to note that Mary chose to reveal herself to little children.

No less of a miracle occurs here at school on a daily basis. Your children grow each day, from the littlest ones to our graduates, setting out on the pathway to becoming young adults who can do enormous good wherever they choose to go. The teachers and staff commit themselves – daily -- to helping you raise your children to make the best use of their talents and be receptive to the wonder of creation and the plan God has in store for each one of them.

The word education literally means to "draw forth" – and in every interaction, we do our best to bring forth all that is good in each one of your children. Our teachers, coaches and staff commit themselves to this task, daily, with as much love and care and service as possible; we are devoted to each and every St. Raphael student.

A very practical part of that effort is having the tools to foster learning (facilities, learning resources, salaries for our wonderful teachers, opportunities outside of the classroom). Tuition does not cover the entire cost of all these. We need to add to our budget the voluntary support you can provide so we can deliver the best to your child.

We do this with a gift to our Annual Fund – something you decide to do rather than a mandatory fee. So, please consider helping by making a gift today. I know you will do your best.

Thank you for all you do for St. Raphael School. And thank you for the privilege of sharing the responsibility of educating your child(ren).

In Mary's Love,

Ms. Michelle Limb



St. Raphael School students are encouraged to participate for individual and classroom prizes and for our esteemed Enterpreneureal award.