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Dear St. Raphael School Community,

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As we begin the school year, Jesus' word from Matthew 19:14 come to mind: "Let the children come to Me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." These words are the foundation of our Church and at the heart of Catholic education.

As principal of St. Raphael School, it is never lost on me that entrusting your children with us is an immense responsibility and privilege.  I am also keenly aware that year after year you make choices and sacrifices to provide your children with a Catholic education.  We recognize and appreciate your dedication to our school and its mission, and realize you're the reason for our continued success.

The greatest gift I receive as your principal is that I am able to witness your children flourish in Christ's image as they discover their own unique gifts and life purpose on their journey from preschool through 8th grade.  At St. Raphael School, our focus is on the whole child identifying their gifts and holistically developing their mind, body and spirit.  Our students are taught with rigorous academic instruction based on the best practices in education.  Additionally, St. Raphael School remains committed to our shared values and our long-held principles of Catholic social justice.  Our students practice these values and traditions daily, not only in the classroom, but also through active participation in a wide range of activities.  Last year our students wrote thank you cards for first responders, raised money through Jeans for Jesus that benefitted several local organizations, and participated in food and toy drives for local charities, to name only a few.  Community involvement teaches our students to look outside of themselves, build compassion, and support the most vulnerable in our midst.  They are life-changing skills that propel the next generation to create a better future for us all. 

The money raised from the Annual Fund supports the programs and curriculum that make St. Raphael School the special place you love.  Your from-the-heart 2018-19 Annual Fund gift will be used to strengthen and expand St. Raphael School's special programs and community outreach efforts that benefit all of our children.  Your generous investment in St. Raphael School will support the next generation of leaders who will shape the world full of faith, hope, love, and compassion.

I would like to reiterate my gratitude for the opportunity you bestow upon us to educate and nurture your children.  On behalf of the faculty and staff of St. Raphael School, thank you for your continued support and prayers for our 2018-19 school year.

In Mary's Love,

Ms. Michelle Limb



St. Raphael School students are encouraged to participate for individual and classroom prizes and for our esteemed Enterpreneureal award.


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