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Dear St. Raphael School Families and Friends, 

As I mentioned last week, we have entered “ordinary” time on the Church’s calendar.  This week’s readings are all about how Jesus healed many people…and that’s nothing but extra-ordinary! It would have been truly awe-inspiring to witness Jesus healing the sick. The people who witnessed this clearly had never seen anything like it before. For those who were sick, or whose loved ones were sick, each healing would have had a powerful effect upon them and upon their whole family.

In Jesus’ day and age, physical illness was obviously of far greater concern than it is today. Medical science today, with its ability to treat so many illnesses, has lessened the fear and anxiety over getting sick. But in Jesus’ time, serious illness was of far greater concern. For that reason, the desire of so many people to bring their sick to Jesus so that they could be healed was very strong. This desire drove them to Jesus so that “they might touch only the tassel on his cloak” and be healed. And Jesus didn’t disappoint. Though Jesus’ physical healings were unquestionably an act of charity given to those who were sick and to their families, it obviously wasn’t the most important thing Jesus did. And it’s important for us to remind ourselves of that fact. Jesus’ healings were primarily for the purpose of preparing the people to listen to His Word and to ultimately receive the spiritual healing of the forgiveness of their sins.  May we ask Jesus, the Healer, to continue to work miracles in our lives.

Our second fundraiser of the year is just a little over a month away.   We have our auction set for Saturday, February 26th at the Carriage Museum with the theme of “Boots and Brews.” This is an event that you don’t want to miss…it’s always memorable.  We are asking all families to participate by making their family contribution of a minimum of $100.

Catholic Schools Week is January 30 – February 5.  Our schools throughout the United States celebrate the uniqueness of these wonderful institutions.  On Tuesday, February 1st, we will have annual Mass at Bishop Diego High School.  All the Catholic school students in Santa Barbara will celebrate Mass with many of our priests from our local parishes. We look forward to this wonderful opportunity and are so blessed to have this special school community gathering.  The Mass will be outside on the large field.

Important Dates:
January 17: No School for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 24: Jeans for Jesus
January 30 – February 5: Catholic Schools Week

In Mary’s Love,

Ms. Michelle Limb, Principal 

A Prayer for Catholic School Children and Teachers 

God of life and love,
Open my heart and mind to the abundance of Your blessings.
Open my eyes to Your presence among us.
Open my ears to the sound of Your voice.
Open my hands so I can serve others.
Open my mind to learning and knowledge.
Open my imagination so I can grow in wisdom and joy.
Open my heart so I can grow in faith.
Help me to respond to the gift of Your love. Amen. 

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