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Dear St. Raphael School Families and Friends,

    Congratulations to our graduates.  We celebrated the commencement and were wowed by the accolades they received.  As a group, the class of 2018 earned over $51,000 in scholarships for high school!
         As  you may have noticed in church the past few weeks, we are back to Ordinary Time.  Ordinary Time is called "ordinary" because the weeks are numbered. The Latin word ordinalis, which refers to numbers in a series, stems from the Latin word ordo, from which we get the English word order. Thus, Ordinary Time is in fact the ordered life of the Church—the period in which we live our lives neither in feasting (as in the Christmas and Easter seasons) or in more severe penance (as in Advent and Lent), but in watchfulness and expectation of the Second Coming of Christ.  Let’s not be ordinary during Ordinary Time…let’s be extraordinary in our calling to be Saints!
        Please join us in the church for our awards assembly at 11:00 am on Friday, June 8.  This is also our last day of school and students are dismissed at Noon.    
        We wish all of you a safe and blessed summer vacation, filled with happy memories.  Please remember that your Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Reading A-Z subscriptions are active during the summer.  Students should try to spend time each day doing something academic to ensure that they are not only retaining what they learned this year, but also growing in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.  

Important Dates:
June 8: Awards Assembly in the church for grades 1 - 8 at 11:00 am. Last day of school. Noon Dismissal
August 11: Dennis Uniform Sale from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm in the Parish Hall
August 22: First Day of School with Noon Dismissal
August 23: Back to School BBQ

In Mary’s Love,
Ms. Michelle Limb, Principal

Prayer for Graduates
God of our beginnings,
We thank you for the gifts of these graduates;
their excitement, their awesome wonder and curiosity,
their open speech and encouraging words.
Their contributions have blessed and challenged us,
and we have become a richer
and more diverse community because of them.
As they step forward into the world that awaits,
comfort their fears with the full knowledge of your divine presence.
Strengthen their resolve to walk in the footsteps of Jesus
as modern-day disciples in a world that needs their spirit.
Guide their feet as they move through life,
protecting them from the pitfalls of darkness
while they help to lead future generations
into the warmth and promise of your light. Amen! 

St. Raphael, Pray for Us!

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