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Dear St. Raphael School Families and Friends, 

Welcome to Holy Week! Holy Week is most definitely a very sacred time of the year, for it is now that we will commemorate and remember the last week of Jesus' life on this earth. These are the days leading up to the great Easter feast. The Lenten season of sacrifice and self-denial is about to come to an end, but this coming week is extremely important for all Christians. The greatest focus of the week is the Passion (suffering) and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the events that led up to it.  Especially important for Catholics is the Easter Triduum. This is the three days just before Easter that include Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. On Holy Thursday, we reenact the Lord's Last Supper, which He shared with His apostles on the night He was betrayed and arrested. This is one of the most beautiful liturgies of the entire liturgical year. At the Mass, the priest will wash the feet of twelve men, just as Jesus did.   At the Last Supper, Jesus instituted the Mass (Eucharist).   Good Friday is the day of the crucifixion and death of Our Lord.  On this day, we have the veneration of the Cross.  We go forward and kiss the Cross in order to show honor and respect for Christ's sacrifice for our sake. Holy Saturday is a vigil. We keep watch for the expectant rising of Our Savior. 

Please join us on Holy Thursday in the Parish Hall at 11:00 am for a prayer service.  It’s a beautiful day where we honor Jesus and His sacrifice for us.  Remember that students are dismissed at noon on Holy Thursday.  Wishing you a wonderful Easter vacation!

Important Dates:
April 15: Jeans for Jesus
April 18: Holy Thursday Prayer Service at 11:00 am. Noon Dismissal
April 19-28: Easter Vacation
April 29: School Resumes
May 4: 1st Communion
May 10: Jog-a-Thon

Prayer for Holy Week
Loving God, I am just beginning to realize how much You love me. Your son, Jesus was humble and obedient. He fulfilled Your will for Him by becoming human and suffering with us. I ask You for the desire to become more humble so that my own life might also bear witness to You. I want to use the small sufferings I have in this world to give You glory. 
Please, Lord, guide my mind with Your truth. Strengthen my life by the example of Jesus. Help me to be with Jesus in this week as He demonstrates again His total love for me. He died so that I would no longer be separated from You. Help me to feel how close You are and to live in union with You.

St. Raphael, Pray for Us!

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